Nano-Augmentation Guidelines

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UNATCO MedDirectorate
Nano-Augmentation Guidelines

... nano-augmentations, once "installed," irrevocably alter the physiological system they affect and in many cases cause all subsequent augmentations to be rejected; however, the exact number of augmentations each system can support varies. The various interdependencies between these systems can be seen in the following table the details possible nano-augmentation combinations.

Arms: Combat Strength or Microfibral Muscle

Legs: Speed Enhancement or Run Silent

Subdermal (1): EMP Shield or Ballistic Protection

Subdermal (2): Cloak or Radar Transparency

Torso (1): Aqualung or Environmental Resistance

Torso (2): Regeneration or Energy Shield

Torso (3): Synthetic Heart or Power Recirculator

Cranium: Aggressive Defense System or Spy Drone

Optics: Targeting or Vision Enhancement

Specific nano-augmentations should be selected based on the mission profile of the particular agent...