Interrogation Log 425

Unknown [Dishonored]


[Excerpt from interrogation logs at Coldridge Prison Month of Nets]

Prisoner 354A-9123Goal: Location of collaborator in theft of goodsMethod: Heated metal bolts, applied to feetOutcome: Promising response at first, but the subject lost consciousness due to shock.

Prisoner 657C-7619Goal: Confession to vandalismMethod: Sleep deprivationOutcome: Disorientation. Subject falsely confessed to crime as well as other unrelated acts.

Prisoner 874A-1713Goal: Location of a weapon cache tied to attacks on River Patrol checkpointsMethod: Water tankOutcome: Tank mechanism malfunction. Subject drowned.

Prisoner 4112B-7835Goal: Name of conspiracy organizerMethod: Engagement with phobia - spidersOutcome: Subject divulged the information before the hatch to the spider basket was even opened.