Bellevue Reports Increase in Admittance

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New World Press - New York

Bellevue Hospital has reported a 50% increase in the number of patients admitted over the last three months compared to this same period last year. "A disturbing trend," said Dr. James Cabell, "and one that's stressing our personnel to the limits. Many of those admitted are homeless that the police can't or won't deal with -- some of them afflicted with the Gray Death. We simply don't have the facilities to deal with those cases, and most of the hospitals refuse to accept them."

Many have linked the outbreak of mental illness to the recent rise in recreational drug use, in particular the new designer drug "zyme." Speaking on condition of anonymity, one public official said that "Zyme has simply become a threat to the public welfare...there have already been discussions with Washington on a zero-tolerance solution."

Others have suggested chemical contamination could be the culprit, sighting the recent chlorine spill that has rendered the East River almost lifeless.