UNATCO Responds to Terrorist Attack

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New World Press - New York City

A terrorist strike on Liberty Island was blunted this past week when UNATCO forces moved swiftly to neutralize the threat. The attack, the result of a poorly organized attempt to break security at UNATCO Headquarters by the National Secessionist Forces (NSF), was characterized by one unidentified source as a "futile gesture." Walton Simons, Director of FEMA, worked closely with UNATCO to coordinate both US and UNATCO forces in a joint operation to root out the remaining elements of the terrorist network in New York.

"Terrorism is very much a snake that slithers out of the tall grass," said Simons. "It is our responsibility to always remain alert to the danger it presents, and to act decisively when it appears."

Authorities are currently attempting to locate JC Denton, one of the terrorist leaders who escaped in the aftermath of the attack.