BO-55 and Blaster

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Why employ a single droid in combat when you can have two droids with different strengths and weaknesses working in concert? That was how the astromech who calls himself BO-55 convinced the Ravagers to allow him to supervise the construction of Blaster, Rishi's oversized weapon of devastation who enters into battle with a child-like enthusiasm and several pounds of high-grade detonite.

BO-55 himself was once a discontinued model destined for the scrap heap until the Ravagers' engineering guru Torque reprogrammed and refitted him. Now he's the sort of droid a bloodthirsty pirate would gladly call friend. Together with Blaster, BO-55 plots out elaborate “operations” designed to inflict maximum embarrassment and carnage. Never content to let Blaster have all the fun, BO-55 can manage just fine in a firefight himself and will gladly join his creation side-by-side in the thick of it.