Police Raid Catacombs

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Paris Investigateur

Earlier today the police raided the Catacombs, entering through Denfert-Rochereau, Port Royal, Trocadero, and a number of other, unidentified locations, in an attempt to round up elements of the terrorist group Silhouette. Sources within the Metropolitan Police Department indicated that since the institution of martial law the number of terrorist incidents has declined, but Silhouette still remains active in its so-called "Campaign of True Lies."

"Far from being a harmless group of reactionaries, Silhouette presents a clear and ongoing threat to the public welfare," said Inspector Gabily, currently leading the case.

Despite extensive surveillance prior to the raid, however, police found minimal evidence of Silhouette's presence, instead capturing a number of drug dealers, prostitutes, and other suspected criminals. "All in all, we consider the operation a success," insisted Gabily. "We've made a strong statement that Paris -- above or below -- will not be a haven to radicals and thieves."