Commandant Iven

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Iven first drew the attention of the Imperial Guard as a hardened slave who fought for his life almost daily in the combat arenas of Ziost. Sent to the Imperial Guard academy on Yavin 4, he quickly impressed by dispatching dozens of fellow cadets along with multiple training commandants. But Iven's murderous, unchecked rage was defiant in nature. He resisted the indoctrination process and the Emperor's dark draw longer than any other‒until the strain of resistance became too much and his mind snapped.

Once in the Emperor's thrall, Iven became the most ruthless of all the guardsmen, never allowing his intentions to be questioned nor abiding attempts to be reasoned with. In his later years, as a training commandant himself, Iven had a candidate kill rate of over 80 percent, making for a smaller‒but ultimately stronger‒Imperial Guard.