Commodore Margok

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

By and large, the galaxy's most notorious pirates become well known because they operate on the galactic stage. But most pirates do not seek this level of infamy, perfectly content to remain on their birthworld, never daring to venture out among the stars. Such is the case with Commodore Dael Margok of the notorious Nova Blades.

Margok's direct ancestor, Ralen Margok, was a key player in the effort to turn the Aggressor into a base of operations after the ship crash-landed on Rishi more than a century ago. Because of this, Margok maintains the Nova Blades' presence on the world with a profound sense of personal pride. He truly sees his fellow Blades as his equals and as family, and will stop at nothing to see that they are provided for and that their legacy lives on.